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Becoming a nun QUESTION from Kathleen May 21, 1999 I've felt a growing interest in becoming a nun. Most of the orders that I've researched appear to have maximum ages for acceptance. Are there any orders that would consider an applicant over 40?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on Tuesday, May 25, 1999 Dear Miss Kathleen:
Praise God for your interest in the Religious life. We will certainly be in prayer for you in this.
The single best one-stop-shoppe for women searching for a community is the Conference of Major Superiors of Women Religious. They are composed of over 11,000 Religious in many orders. Any Order who joins their association must be orthodox. They are located in D.C. The number is 202-832-2575.
It is important to search carefully, since MANY convents and monasteries these days have left the charism of their founders and even, to some degree, or to a large degree, left the orthodox faith of the Church.
Being over 40 can be a problem, but there are communities that do take older women. I would check with the resource above.
P.S. I do know of a Franciscan community personally, newly forming, only two sisters there now, that you might try. I will have to get ahold of them to see if they wish me to release their name and number and to find out what criteria they have.
Actually I may have direct access to a couple of communities for women who might be open for women like yourself. I'll have to check into it.
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