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Referring to the Church as her QUESTION from Deacon Larry on January 27, 2003 Could I have recently heard that the US bishops a while back addressed the question of addressing Holy Mother Church as her? It seems I recall this coming up for a vote and nothing came of it. This leading me to recall that it wasn't required to refer to the Church as her or she. This question came to mind in an article I recently read about why we should cann the Church she.
Can you help my recall? Thank you.
Deacon Larry
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 29, 2003 Dear Deacon:
I am not familiar with any articles on that subject, but basic theology would indicate that the feminine pronoun would be appropriate in referring to the Church since the Church is the BRIDE of Christ, not the GROOM.
If there was such a discussion among the bishops I would presume that it was motivated by this utter nonsense about inclusive language which has been condemned by the Church and by common sense, and, if I may say in my well-known gruff style -- the inclusive language debate is spurious on its face, is founded upon doctrines of demons, and is not accepted by anyone with an IQ over 25!! :) Okay, Bro. John-Paul, tell us what you REALLY think. :)
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