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Online RCIA Program QUESTION from Konrad on January 9, 2003 Your reply to Jane indicated that you will be starting an online RCIA program. I have been receiving promptings lately to become involved in RCIA as a teacher and your program would likely be a great resource to counter some of the fuzzy catechetics that goes on in my part of the world. Thank you for undertaking such a project. Please keep us informed.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 15, 2003 Dear Konrad:
Yes, I think this is a very needed project. The Archbishop of Indianapolis once remarked that the state of catechesis in the United States was a scandal.
While candidates and catechumens have many resources on the Internet and in book form that will give them the real scoop on Church teaching, these resources can be difficult to navigate and to understand.
So my thought is to construct an online catechisis modelled after the RCIA curriculum. Since it will be simliar to what people are experiencing in their local parishes, it will be familiar and easier to navigate (I hope).
Thus, this can be a resource that will be 100% obedient and loyal to the Church without the nonsense of heterdoxy that often creeps into RCIA programs.
I hope to have the project done this summer before the Fall season of RCIA begins.
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