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destiny QUESTION from Amy on January 8, 2003 How does destiny and faith go hand in hand?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 15, 2003 Dear Amy:
Our destiny is not set in stone. Our future is what we make it through free will decisions we make and through how we choose to handle trials, tribulations, and joys in our lives.
Faith plays a part in this as to accept our lives and whatever comes into our lives because God has made several promises to us that are wonderful.
God promises the no temptation that may come our way is unique but is common to man and He WILL provide you a way to resist the temptation.
God promises to cleanse us of our sin when we confess our sin.
God promises to take care of us as He does the sparrow and lilies of the field.
God promises to make us joint heirs with Christ to the Kingdom when we follow Him.
God promises that all things will work together for good to those who love Him and are called to His purpose. This does not mean all things will be good, but that the good and bad together will work out for a positive end. In otherwords, when our sin or life gives us lemons, if we let God, He will take the lemons and make lemonade.
With these promises that God makes, our faith can be assured in the hope of our salvation and eternity with God in heaven -- our ultimate destiny.
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