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Halloween QUESTION from Fuzzy on January 6, 2003 I am a convert of ten years in the Catholic faith. I have attended mass for over 18 years. My daughter attends a Catholic school and every year halloween is anticipated with excitement, and celebrated on the same level as Christ's Birthday.
I view halloween as a devils holiday. Will you please shed some light on the church position on halloween and its role in the church?
Thank you,
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 13, 2003 Dear Fuzzy:
The Church has not made any formal declaration about Halloween practices specifically.
However, the Pope has asked us to prmote a Culture of Life instead of a Culture of Death.
The Church also admonishes us to avoid the occult and things evil. The bible condemns not only participation in evil, but also condemn imitating evil.
We must remember that Halloween is actually the Vigil of All Saints Day. Celebrated in that fashion can be a great testimony to the world.
I have written an essay that speaks about this subject. I would refer you to it, entitled: Should Christians Participate in Halloween
God Bless.
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