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crying during Mass QUESTION from alexa on January 6, 2003 Dear Bro. John Paul Ignatious,
Every time I go to Mass, during the consecration of the host, I start to cry and can't stop until I leave the church. Sometimes I cry just tears and other times I cry profusely. I'm almost embarrassed to go to church now. I love Jesus so much, is this bad to cry? I have tried to stop crying, but I can't. What's wrong ith me? Please help.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 12, 2003 Dear Alexa:
There is NOTHING wrong with you. Your crying shows that you have a deeply loving relationship with our Lord.
Dear, you have the Gift of Tears. This is a profoundly touching gift in that it shows your love for our Lord that is so strong and profound that the emotions well-up within you resulting in crying.
This is NOT a curse...this is a great blessing. Be sure to thank God for his Gift to you.
By the way, you are not the only one with this Gift. There are many people who experience this.
Although I do not have this gift specifically, I do tear up at times before the Blessed Sacrament and on movies or TV shows where the glory of God is being shown (like on the show Touched by an Angel)? I am a crying baby. I have yet to watch Touched by an Angel without crying.
But what you have, it seems to me, is a special Gift of Tears given to you because of your great Love of Jesus.
Rejoice for you are given a privilege from God.
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