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Star of David QUESTION from Heather on November 5, 2002 Is it acceptable for a Catholic to wear the Star of David as well as the Cross? I know that the Star of David is a symbol from the Old Testament and it's very confusing as to what aspects of the Old Testament are acceptable today. I have recently become good friends with several Israelis. I would like to put a Star of David charm on my charm bracelet not only as a symbol of the God's miracles, but also as a reminder to pray for the safety of my new and dear friends. I have also seen charms depicting a Star of David with a Cross in the center. It is referred to as an interface symbol. Is this intended for someone in an interfaith family, or does it symbolize that both Jews and Christians share the same God? Would either be acceptable for me to wear?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 8, 2002 Dear Heather:
There is no problem in wearing a Star of David in addition to a Christian Cross or Crucifix. The interfaith combination Star of David and Cross is okay to.
This is a wonderful way to give respect to your Jewish friends, afterall, Christianity is a off-shoot of Judaism.
God Bless
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