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front page of the forum - image question QUESTION from terrence q. sheehan on September 20, 2002 I'm just curious as to what the blackboard says in the shot you've got posted on the front page of the forum. (I know..seems trivial, but I'm curious.)
You have teacher up there...but what is he writing/erasing?
I see that the first word is Ladies but after that, I'm gone. (thanks to old age and all those years reading encyclicals and such...)
Please be so kind if you would - for the sake of my curiousity.
Many thanks.
Dr. Terrence Q. Sheehan
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 24, 2002 Dear Dr. Sheehan:
I suppose it took an academic to notice this :)
The picture is from McGill University circa 1895-1900. The professor is writing a note on the board, presumingly on the first day of classes. The picture catches him in mid-sentence.
Here is the text:

Ladies are reminded that wearing of hats at lectures, etc. very much interferes with the comfort of those sitting behind. They are therefore politely re.... Back to Index Page

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