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AGLO ministry to homosexuals QUESTION from Kevin on August 14, 2002 I have been led to believe that the organization, AGLO, a Catholic ministry to homosexuals, actually supports and encourages homosexuality, and believes that Church teaching is gradually changing to acceptance of their views. According to Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) a recent diocesan letter from Cardinal Francis E. George (Chicago) seems to indicate pastoral support for the organization. If true, this is distressing because the Cardinal has been often referred to as an orthodox defender of the faith, especially in the area of morality. Can you provide some enlightenment?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 14, 2002 Dear Kevin:
According to Aglo's website they are an outgrowth of the rebellious organization Dignity. That alone gives me pause.
I could not conclusively discern from their website whether they are still in rebellion or not. The Archdiocese of Chicago did condemn the organization Dignity and this Aglo group seems to be a re-orgnized effort to continue under a different name and within Church boundaries -- maybe. But since this is essentially Dignity under another name I am skeptical. As a said, I could not tell for sure whether they have truly become obedience to the Church by looking at their website. There are some indicators to suggest that they are promoting homosexuality, which if true, is improper in my view.
As to the Cardinal's position on Aglo, I have no idea.
The Roman Catholic Faithful website is not the most reliable site to gain information of this sort.
I view the RCF report and it is mostly quotations from secular newspapers. The Secular media can NEVER be trusted to get the story right, let alone to get the whole story.
We risk the sin of rash judgment to make any judgments based upon secular media reports.
Thus, rather than make judgments, I would suggest praying for the Cardinal to make the right decisions -- whatever they may be.
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