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The Divine Office QUESTION from Jeff Fresh on August 10, 2002 Father ~ I stumbled upon this site out of pure faith in Christ Jesus. Thank you for being here. After much contemplative and fervent questioning I have decided to commit myself daily to The Divine Office. I aquired from a Daughter of St. Pauls mission, Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of The Hours, (their edition). In my fervor upon opening the text I did not become discouraged however overwhelmed. Father, were do I start, that I may beginning praying The Divine Office? Prayers and Blessings from a secular, Jeff Fresh
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 14, 2002 Dear Mr. Fresh:
Thanks for the promotion, but I am not a priest. I am a lowly lay brother in private vows to the evangelical counsels.
I have been trying to put together a course for two years now on how to do the Divine Office. I still haven't gotten it done.
The project is a rather big one and I am overloaded with work on this huge website which is one of the biggest on the Net for Catholic, and I am ill.
But, I will TRY to get this done before the end of the year.
Please pray for my health that I can do that. Please pray for volunteers to help on the website so that I have some time freed to do this project.
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