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permanent Diaconate QUESTION from Deacon Gerald Foley on July 7, 2002 Dear Brother: I am researching information on the Permanent Diaconate. I have information on just how many Candadian Permanent Deacons there are. However, I am not sure how many Permanent Deacons there in the United States. I do know that there are more Permanent Deacons there than anywhere else, and I estimate there are over 27,000 Permanent Deacons in your country. Do you have a source to accurate statistics on this matter? Thank you so much for this invaluable ministry to Catholics! God bless you! Deacon Gerald Foley
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 15, 2002 Dear Deacon:
The Catholic Almanac published by the Sunday Visitor reports those figures every year.
You may want to check this page on the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops: Report on the Permanent Diaconate
There figures are for 1996.
The 2000 Catholic Almanac gives 9065 for 1989; 12,247 for 1998; and 12,675 for 1999.
I do not have the current 2002 edition. If you get ahold of that one it should have the figures for 2000 and 2001.
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