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Faith/Spirituality Forum: What if I can't GET TO the Sacraments?

by Catherine Frakas 16 Sep 2001

What if I can't GET TO the Sacraments? QUESTION from Maureen Murphy on June 23, 2002 Dear Brother,
I am having a very hard time right now. I am alone with 5 children, one of which is due to be born in about a month. My husband moved out on our anniversary about 3 months ago, and even before he officially left he hasn't been here for us in quite a long time. I have no family here and no close friends. My mother lives in another state, but her husband abused me sexually as a child. He has gone through extensive counselling, but how could I ever trust him alone with my kids? I have forgiven him, but my husband hasn't and would love for me to go there so that he could have a reson to take the kids that he rarely spends time with away from me. The only time I ever feel OK is at Mass. I know that God speaks to me there, and it's the only comfort I have. However, it's very difficult for me to GET TO Mass and confession. Two of my children are young enough for the daycare, but the one who is the most difficult to deal with at mass is too old. I am assuming that the reason he's so hard to handle right now is that he's traumatized by what's going on in our family life. I desperately need to get to confession, and have tried unsuccessfully for at least 3 weeks to get there. Also, only one of my children was baptized. I don't know anyone who could be Godparents. I am having a very hard time with all of this, and I feel really alone and isolated even from God. There are other factors that are too numerous to mention in this email that contribute to why I can't get to mass or confession on a consistent basis. I can't even make an appointment to talk to a priest because I have NO ONE to watch my children while I do this. How do I get myself out of this? No one outside of the church is sympathetic because I feel that even those who don't say it (and alot of them DO say it) feel that's what I get for having all these kids. And I can barely get in the door of the church to even know who to ask or where to go for help. Please pray for me, my husband, and my children. And if you know what I can do to somehow get to mass and the sacraments for myself and children-please let me know. How do you get God-parents when no one you know is Catholic? How do you go to confession or talk to a priest when you have small children and no one to watch them? How do you get help when you don't know who to ask?
Thank you, Maureen
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 6, 2002 Dear Mrs. Murphy:
I am so sorry to hear about your situation with your husband and family. Be assured that we will be praying for you and your family.
As for the Sacraments, if you are not able to get to Mass or confession, please call the priest and ask the priest to come over to your house so that you can have confession and receive the Most Holy Eucharist.
You can ask your parish priest to arrange to have the Most Holy Eucharist brought to you at home on a regular basis.
I must do this myself as I am disabled and rarely can make it to Mass. The priest must come to my house to offer me confession and to bring me the Most Holy Eucharist.
Discuss your problems with your Priest. He may know some people who can help you with the kids and such.
God Bless.
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