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Vocations-Servants of the Gospel QUESTION from Francis on April 9, 2002 Hi, Brother.
I have heard that there is a new religious community called the Servants of the Gospel where Fr. Martin Farrell, OSD is the superior. I have been trying to find how to get in contact with the community because I am interested in the religious life. Could you help me? Thanks.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 18, 2002 Dear Francis:
I am not familiar with this group and can find no webpage for them.
The only reference I find to Fr. Martin Farrell, OCD is in our Q & A Forum -- the Liturgy forum. There was a Fr. Martin Farrell, OSD who posted a comment on our Liturgy Forum.
Maybe if he sees this he will get in contact with us.
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