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Faith/Spirituality Forum: Birth Control

by Catherine Frakas 24 Mar 2001

Birth Control QUESTION from Shirley October 14, 2001 I was reading the birth control question from Steve dated Sept. 24, 2001; as well, your reply, a portion of which I have written below.
So give it up, repent of your heresy and your stupidity and your murderous thinking (most modern contraception techniques actually kill a baby already conceived, rather than prevent conception). My daughter is taking birth control or what she calls birth control. She was given this medication (for pain) by her doctor. She also has a thyroid condition and once when we were at the Thyroid Specialist's office he mentioned that these were not birth control pills. I'm confused. It would seem to me that either they are or they are not.
I realize that it is bad enough that she is taking this to begin with, but to think that what she is taking would actually be killing a baby already conceived is more than I could bear.
How would I ever find out which pills prevent conception and which ones actually kill a baby already conceived?
I never knew this! How could I be so stupid? I always thought that by taking birth control pills, this prevented fertilization and that did not seem so terrible to me. I don't know why. I did not take OC; I did have an Intrauterine Device inserted but that caused so much pain that I had it removed. I took nothing for eight years and then conceived my daughter.
I was not born into the Catholic Faith. I had no idea of the church's view on this and years ago, one did not talk about such matters.
I feel absolutely horrible! How are we going to live with this???
I have talked to my daughter about being intimate with her boyfriend and how and why I disapprove but it does not seem to matter.
My other concern is this: Am I aiding in this horrible sin because it is my medical plan that pays for these pills?
I know that you will be truthful and very clear in your response. I just don't know how I will ever be able to walk through those church doors again after this!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 18, 2001 Dear Shirley:
To my knowledge all birth control pills are abortifacients (that is they prevent an already conceived baby from implanting in the womb thus allowing them to die, thus are really abortions).
I am not a doctor but I seem to recall someone telling me that although birth control pills are sometimes prescribed for uses other than birth control, that it is not necessary to do so -- that other medications can do the job just as well.
I would have to turn this question over to someone who is more knowledgable on the medical aspects of birth control medication.
You might try asking this question of Mr. Troy Martz in our ProLife Forum. He might be able to give you more details.
As far as your medical plan paying for this, if this is YOUR medical plan then you have the right to deny your daughter use of your medical plan for this purpose.
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