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Annulment, remarriage to divorced non-Catholic QUESTION from Lee Ann September 26, 2001 Hello,
I've just emailed my priest to start talking about anullment procedings.
I was married at age 19 by a Justice of the Peace, and the marriage lasted just three years due to drug and alcohol abuse.
I was then married at age 29 in the Catholic Church to an Episcopalian, and that marriage lasted only two years due to my husband leaving me.
At age 37, the man I'm now considering marrying is Lutheran. He was married in a Greek Orthodox church, and his wife left him after seven years.
So my question is: Is there any chance we could get married in the Catholic Church?
Thanks very much in advance,
Lee Ann
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 28, 2001 Dear Mrs. Lee Ann:
Mixed marriages are not encouraged, but you can get permission from the Bishop to marry a non-Catholic.
But before you can marry all previous marriages of both you and your intended must be annuled.
Once annulments are approved, and you have the Bishop's permission to marry a non-Catholic, there should be no problem getting married in a Catholic Church with full blessings.
You have done the right thing by contacting your pastor. He can get the ball rolling for annulments for BOTH your former marriages AND his former marriages.
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