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birth control QUESTION from steve September 24, 2001 when will the church change the backward and NON INFALLIBLE teaching on birht control??
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 28, 2001 My dear deluded Mr. Steve:
Only someone with great ignorance or demonic delusion would call birth control a backward teaching.
All Christian faiths on the planet considered contraception a sin until 1930. The Anglicans first broke ranks to side with the devil when they declared contraception acceptable in 1930. Then the entire rest of the Christian world other than the Catholics and I think the Orthodox, were seduced by Satan to buy into the demonic idea of contraception. Catholics had the guts to maintain the teaching of God when the rest of the world was going to hell on this issue.
And I got news for you, dear. The Church's teaching on contraception IS AN INFALLIBLE TEACHING of the ordinary Magisterium. It is definitive teaching of which if you disagree then you are barred from the Sacraments if you are Catholic. It has been condemned since the first century of the Church and will continue to be condemned for eternity. No Pope can change this.
So give it up, repent of your heresy and your stupidity and your murderous thinking (most modern contraception techniques actually kill a baby already conceived, rather than prevent conception).
We will pray for your soul which is at risk of hell because of your sinful beliefs.
And do not contact this website again unless you repent.
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