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The final Theosis vs Purgatory QUESTION from Marcia September 8, 2001 Dear Brother-
I am seeking a greater spirituality I May or may not find in the Ukrane-Greek Eastern Church. I was surprised to read that they do not refer to Purgatory; just The Final Theosis. Is there a big difference? Would I be wrong to worship in the Easter Rite, if I was raised a RC cradle Catholic? I believe what the Pope tells us to be God's will for us. Does He support this? Could you tell me breifly the idea?
Thank you! Marcia
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 10, 2001 Dear Mrs. Marcia:
I am not familiar enough with the Eastern Rites to give you an answer to the question of differences. But I don't think that is the real question. The real question is whether it is appropriate for a Roman Rite Catholic to visit, perpetually attend, or to transfer to an Eastern Catholic Rite in order to find spirituality?
You do not have to go anywhere to find greater spirituality. The first lesson of gaining spirituality is to find it where you are and not seeking greener grass on the other side of the fence. If you are not willing to find spirituality where you are, then you will likely not genuinely find it elsewhere.
Read the lives of the Saints, perhaps join a Third Order, find a holy Spiritual Director. These are the things that will help you to grow in spirit. Also mortifying yourself concerning the abuses you might see at your parish will give you GREAT spirituality. Offer the suffering up to God.
You may visit an Eastern Rite Catholic Church. Perhaps doing that will rejuvenate you a little. But you cannot officially transfer to the Eastern Rite Catholic Church without permission from the Vatican.
Although technically you could be a permanent visitor (perpetual attendance) to an Eastern Rite Catholic Parish, the spirit of the Canon Law on this is clear that the intent of the law is that we are to be loyal to the Rite to which we were baptized and confirmed. But if you were to become a permanent visitor to an Eastern Rite Catholic parish, that will not make you a member of that Eastern Catholic Rite. And for such things as marriages, funerals, baptisms, etc. you will have to do in the Roman Rite parish to which you belong even if you are perpetually attending a Eastern Rite Church.
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