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Interfaith Marriage/Annulment QUESTION from Caroline July 20, 2001 I am quite confused as to the regulars of the Catholic faith. My situation is thus: I was raised and baptised a Protestant. I have been married and divorced 3 times due to an alcoholic spouse and much mental and emotional abuse by 2 husbands. I have no children. I have been dating a Catholic man and have been attending church with him for about 10 mos. We plan to marry next year. He, too, is divorced. He was married to a Catholic woman, but they were not married in the Church because they already had a child together.
I am seeking information and understanding about the Catholic church, because I really enjoy the services and feel a strong reverance and closeness to God. It is possible that I may convert in the future. He would like to marry in the Church, but we do not know if this is possible due to our backgrounds. If it is, what are the requirements?
We would raise our children in the Catholic church and continue attending the Church together. Thank you for any information.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 20, 2001 Dear Miss Caroline:
Yes, it is possible for you to marry in the Church.
What you need to do is to contact your local parish priest and tell him your situation and your desire to be married in the Church (and perhaps for you to convert).
The priest can then get you and your husband started on the paperwork to apply for a Decree of Nullity of all previous marriages. The Anulment process can take up to a year or more, so you need to get started on it.
We would like to encourage you in your interest in the Catholic Church. Praise God that you are drawn to the Church. We will pray for your conituned interest and eventual conversion.
But do not despair, begin the anulment process and let the Church take care of the rest.
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