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Re: Crucifix with Skull and Crossbones QUESTION from Troy Martz July 17, 2001 Dear Bro. Ignatius:
Many of the early Christians understood the significance of the site of the Cross -- Golgotha is a hill on Mt. Moria, the site of Abraham's trial where he was to sacrifice Issac. Moreover, Jewish tradition taught that God chose this site because it is where Adam was buried.
The early Christians often had a better understanding of salvation history than we do: they understood the connection between Adam's death, the Covenant with Abraham (his famous phrase God will provide the sacrifice is the basis for the renaming of the city Salem[=Shalom=Peace] to Jerusalem[=God will provide the Peace], the Temple of Solomon built on the same mountain for sacrifice, and the True Lamb of God the Eternal Sacrifice. Often there are depictions of the Cross with a skull or skeleton under it signifying the complete victory over death and the sacrifice that atones for Adam's sin.
When we consider the symbollism tied up in this simple object, we recognize why the Church has always promoted the use of icons and other sacramentals (such as holy water, crucifixes, statues, and religious art). Just look at all of the meaning combined in that one little icon. Praise be to God for the Wisdom of His Church!!
Pax Christi, Troy Martz
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 20, 2001 Dear Troy: Thanks for the additional information.
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