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Tears on Sunday QUESTION from Karen Paxson June 3, 2001 I have had three deaths in my family over the past five years and I believe I have begun to cope with these losses. However, it seems every Sunday as I participate in Mass I feel an overwhelming sadness and tear up. This happens EVERY Sunday. Do you think this is because of my losses or could it be some aspect of the Mass? I have seen writings of this happening to others. I expected to feel very good after Easter Mass, especially after Holy Week which was very difficult, but I did not. I leave mass with a drained feeling. I would appreciate any input. Thank You, Karen
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2001 Dear Mrs. Paxson:
There is no way for me to answer this since I would have to know you personally to even begin to guess. I would say that it si likely emotional reactions due to your losses of family members.
However, people do tear-up at the Mass. I do sometimes.
The Mass should be a healing time. If you are feeling drained, I would suggest that you see a counselor about the posibility of depression. Depression can really sneak up on a person.
Before pursuing any other course, I would first consider the possibility of depression. Given what you have been through, and from what you describe, this should be checked out.
We are sorry for your losses and We will pray for you.
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