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demon slaying is harassment QUESTION from anonymous February 27, 2001
In reference to my own experience and continued experience demonslaying is a type of harrassment. It is something to draw a person out of the will of Christ and to use their self will instead. I guess I have learned to respect the intelligence of demons. I am a pretty smart guy but relying on my own thoughts tricks, philosophy and self will I metaphorically get my face smashed into the pavement fast at which point I'm burning in fire and crying for god to help me and he does.
One trick is to present the face of foolishness, laughter to get you off gaurd an instigation, an impulse which seems to come from me, pride, I try to attack them and ussually get pretty torn up.
[some text deleted]
The answer that I guess I have gotten from all this is to decrease yourself. Self will is the gateway to hell or for me it was, curiosity is also poisen with this. Shy from it. pray a lot and cover yourself in holy water. trust in God and do not doubt his goodness. If you doubt gods goodness you open yourself up to demons under the antichrist. ask God to show you exactly what he wants for you and pray for him to take you there. don't go off in your own direction.
The answer is to let christ have total control of your life. You will get more out of it then you could if you let self will or guilt or fear or the expectations of others decide where you should be. God loves you with all his heart and only good comes from him anything that says differently is a lier.
[some text deleted] fear no evil but insult no evil. the seed of most pride is the act of answering an insult. The seed of most insecurity is accepting an insult as true. Demons have a lot of **** to give. stay away from them. nothing that come
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 26, 2001 Dear Anonymous:
I have deleted some of your narrative because it contained too much information and was also a little confusing for the average reader. But be assured, what you have said was worthwhile.
I would agree, those who are pulled into what they think is demon slaying are actually being harassed by the devil and are being pulled away from God. Pride is a central motivation behind this so-called demon slaying.
My own theory as to why people think they are demon slayers and other evil fighters stemming from these various movie fads is that they want to be thought of as the good guys, the guys fighting evil. But in fact, they contribute to evil by trying to combat it without God.
Anyone wishing to truly fight evil must make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, be baptized and confirmed in the Church, and live the Christ-life. Then you will be a true fighter against evil.
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