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Demons Slayed QUESTION from John February 25, 2001 I wouldnt assume that human could slay Demons by himself.Couldnt Angels slay Demons? Demons posess humans,dont angels? If so a man under the controll of an Angel could Slay a Demon.Just a guess here,but maybe these so called Demon Slayers are under the controll and care and direction of certain angelic beings.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 26, 2001 Dear John:
Demons cannot be slayed by humans or angels. Demons are immortal beings who live forever. They were created at a particular point in time, and just like us, will live forever. In the demons case they live forever without God. In angels case they live forever in light of God. In our case, we will live forever either with God or without God, depending on whether we reject him or not.
There is no such thing as Demon Slayers.
Note: see post about Demon Slayering as harrassment
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