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True love? QUESTION from Claudio Perez November 22, 2000 Is it possible for a single man to fall in love with a divorced woman and this be called authentic love?, even if he does not desire the woman in a sexual way?, even if his aspirations do not include marriage (at least as long as she doesn't have her marriage annulled)?, can they just be very good friends?
Or is the act of falling in love with her become a sin?
Is platonic love permisible in this case?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 2, 2001 Mr. Perez:
There are many kinds of love. Marital Love in only one kind. A person certainly love a friend. You can certainly be good friends with a woman and love her as a friend.
But, be careful. Remember, sex outside marriage is a Grave Sin. Close friendships with people of the opposite sex can lead one to be in near occassion of sin, that is, can lead one to be greatly tempted and risk sinning, and perhaps to go ahead with the sin.
But otherwise, yes, a person can love a female friend AS a friend only.
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