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John Leary QUESTION from Peter November 16, 2000 Dear Father:
I have been following the apparent inner locutions that John Leary has been receiving from our Lord. They apparently have received approval from the archdiocese of Rochester. Could you confirm if this is in fact accurate?
He is relating some pretty grim stuff. [URL deleted]
(Despite this, we have a calling to live each day of our life with optimism and hope because of the victory over death that our Lord won for us on the cross. Also, we are called to live in community, so despite the apparent troubling times ahead, we need to be witnesses for our faith in Jesus and his Holy Catholic Church.)
Sincerely, Peter
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 2, 2001 Dear Mr. Peter:
Only a lay brother, Peter, I am not a priest. But thanks for the thought.
The latest information I have on John Leary is that his bishop does not object to his messages being distributed on the Internet. That is all.
This is NOT an official approval from his bishop or the Church. It merely says the bishop will not stop him from distributing his messages on the Internet. It should not be taken as anything more than that.
Personally I am rather leery of Leary.
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