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Confirmation in Quebec QUESTION from T. Langdon Fisher November 12, 2000 I am a writer in Utah currently writing a novel set in Montreal in the early 1980s (which was the era of my university days at McGill). One of my characters is a French-Canadian girl whose faith is very important to her. I have found various materials on the Sacrament of Confirmation in theological and general terms, but I've had less luck with specifics. My question follows:
At what age, or within what age-range, would a young Roman Catholic lady living in Quebec receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?
Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
T. Langdon Fisher
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 2, 2001 Dear Mr. Fisher:
Children in the Quebec area tend to be confirmed around 6th grade which is about 11 years old.
God Bless.
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