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old cross with skull and crossbones QUESTION from jennifer gilliard October 10, 2000 Hi!
My mother recently gave me a cross that belonged to my great-grandparents which bears the skull and crossbones symbol. Upon speaking with the clergy at my church I learned the symbol signifies Christ overcoming death and evil. The cross is believed to have made it's way to America from Germany with my Great-Great Grandparents about 100 years ago.This is all the information I have on this cross. Can you give me any information on it? I am interested in its' history and meanning. The cross appears to be quite old and looks to be hand made, at least partially.It is Silver inlaid with some type of blackend wood. The body of Jesus is of silver, as is the skull and crossbones. On the back of the cross is a worn out stamp of Germa (which I assume once read Germany). Also on the back is what appears to be a Celtic looking knot or cirle with INRI inlaid in the middle.
I would appreciate any information you can share with me.
Thank you for your time and effort.
Kind regards, Jennifer Gilliard
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on December 17, 2000 Dear Miss Gilliard:
I don't have any knowledge of this particular cross. Maybe someone in our audience will know and let me know. If so, I will pass along the info.
God Bless
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