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the church vestibule QUESTION from michael miller June 22, 2000 dear Brother.
i had a personal vision some twenty five years ago that i haven't acted on, out of timerity rather than prudence, i believe.
it regards the lay vocation in relaton to the Vestibule of the church. Odd how there's this big facade to our churches and when you enter, you're in the back! A funny little place, empty almost. Well it's very important because I am aware that that place is the home of the LAY CATHOLIC MINISTRY! Literature racks are placed there, holy water too - it's a sacred ministry - conversation is permitted, the works of mercy are collected and organized there, the priest is with the people there and together they process to God - in fact a transformation takes place in the vestibule: a collection of people are transformed into a congregation.
St. John of the Cross writes that it is related to the outer court of the old Temple in that both represent the SENSES as the participate in the worship of God ( the inner court is the reason, like our nave where prayers are said, and the holy of holies is like the sanctuary or the spirit where union with God takes place).
well, brother, i have always wanted to start a storefront that would be the embodyment of that space - as a lay ministry. Can you direct me further??? Thanks for ANy help.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on July 23, 2000 Dear Mr. Miller:
I praise God for people like yourself who have an understand of the symbolism of Church architecture. This architecture is designed with a SPECIFIC purpose and unfortunate the modernism have no regard to the beauty of this symbolism and utter destroy all that is Catholic in Church architecture in their designs. (But that is another subject).
By storefront, I presume you are talking about some sort of retail business.
Perhaps start a Catholic Bookstore called The Vestibule. Except in this bookstore, make it more than a mere bookstore, make it into a true ministry.
I can even give you an example of a bookstore owner who has make a ministry out of a bookstore. It is Divine Treasures in Des Moines, Iowa.
Or is you didn't want to do a bookstore, whatever your business is can be called The Vestibule and can be run not as a mere business, but as a ministry for God.
This is a great idea, by the way. We might use this concept for on online Gift Shoppe.
We will be praying for your endeavor.
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