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when the fire goes out QUESTION from michael June 22, 2000 Dear John-Paul,I became a catholic in just prior to getting married back in 1990.In the last year or so I have not been attending regular mass and confession.My faith is sadly lacking and no matter what I dont seem to be able to rekindle the faith I once had.I feel so lazy and unmotivated and do not know where to turn.What is worse is Iam no doubt dragging my three children down with me.I feel so completely trapped and empty and have lost my zest for life.Could you offer some assistance please.Thankyou.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on July 23, 2000 Dear Mr. Michael:
Many years ago, before I became Catholic, I was in a similar situation as yours. I will tell you how I came out of it and maybe it will be helpful to you.
I looked at my kids and said to myself, Am I going to lead my children to HELL?
I then said to myself, I MUST return to God, I must return to church, I have these children that I am responsible for.
Then I set the alarm, got my big rear out of bed, and went to church WITH my children.
Once I got to church the first time, the second time was easier.
GET TO CHURCH. GO TO CONFESSION. PARTAKE OF JESUS IN THE SACRAMENT IN MASS. Be a man. Force yourself to go before the Blessed Sacrament and sit with mouth shut for one hour LISTENING to God no matter how bored you think you are.
THEN, before the blessed Sacrament tell God your excuses for abandoning Him, then look at a picture of your children. Then imagine your children in the pains of hell because you are away from the Church.
If this does not get you back in Church as one of the most devout people in your parish, then you are mostly likely clinically brain dead :-)
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