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Yahweh QUESTION from Dee June 19, 2000 Dear Sir
Thank you for your response. I actually showed your response to a few of my catholic friends, and as I explained to you in my previous post, Catholics in general do not know God by the name of Yahweh. In fact, it was the first time they encountered this name. Even in song they are ignorant of using the name at all. Why is this so? (Not only in Catholic churches)
I would think it is the MOST important name to teach children as it is the Name of Jesus's Father and also ours.
I am not trying to find fault with Catholic faith at all. I am trying to understand it. Please be patient with me.
Thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on July 21, 2000 Dear Mrs. Dee:
God refers to Himself in many ways. One of the most well known name that GOD gives HIMSELF in the Old Testament is: I AM.
In New Testament time God refers to Himself as the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT.
The name of Jesus's father is the FATHER.
Yahweh is a name for God as God revealed Himself to the Jews.
In the New Testament times God choose to reveal Himself MORE COMPLETELY than he did to the Jews. He revealed Himself in His Majesty as the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
This it is more accurate to use these names because it reflects the FULLNESS of what God as revealed about Himself to us.
Remember, God Himself referred to Himself with a number of names, such as I AM. GOD determines what we call him, not us.
God has chosen to reveal Himself as Trinity. We need to respect that. We have no right and it is silly to obsess on one singular name when God Himself uses many names and when he has specifically chosen to call Himself as he was in New Testament times.
Jesus Christ (who is God) is also a primary name to learn of course, since God revealed his Salvation Plan through Jesus Christ (God the Son).
Other names include the Creator, the Comforter, the Redeemer, etc., etc.
We need to avoid scrupulosity.
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