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Non-Confirmed Taking Communion QUESTION from Andrew D. Kennedy June 12, 2000 In the answer to the question Returning to the Church and the sacrament of marriage (posted on 3/20/00), you indicated that one should not partake of the Eucharist if one is not confirmed.
I am in a very similar situation. I was baptized Catholic, and took First Communion, but left the Church shortly prior to the time I would have started Confirmation classes. Just recently, I reconciled with the Church. I talked with my local parish, and they explained that Confirmation classes begin in February, ending with Confirmation on Pentecost. I have every intention of taking these classes as soon as they are offered. They also indicated that it was OK for me to participate in the Eucharist. In their words: You can't be half-Catholic.
I went to Confession (with a laundry list of 10+ years of sin), and have since begun taking Communion again. It has been a very joyous reunion.
Although I have to presume that my local parish is authoritative, I wanted to get your (clarified) opinion on this matter.
1) I already took First Communion.
2) I took multiple Communions betwee First Communion and when I stopped going to Church.
) Neglecting Confirmation is a sin, but the next set of classes won't start for a while, and I intend on going.
Confirmation won't take place until Pentecost, after Easter. But, all Catholics are required to take Communion at least once per yer, during Easter. Wouldn't waiting until Confirmation before taking Communion violate this requirement? It would seem that, after having attended Confession (and assumine one took First Communion), that the intention of being Confirmed as soon as possible would be sufficient enough to partake of the Eucharist.
Graciously awaiting your response.

ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on July 5, 2000 Dear Mr. Kennedy:
Congratulations! and welcome back to the Church. Praise God for your return.
Yes, since you were baptized in the Catholic Church, have returned and undergone reconciliation and confession, it is perfectly okay for you to receive communion between now and your confirmation -- just as it is for youngsters before their confirmation.
This does not apply, however, to people baptized in another Faith who are converting to the Church.
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