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Modern Trade QUESTION from Richard April 10, 2000 Dear Bro JP,
I have doubt in my life especially in the cooperate world.I think I'm not the only one facing this but everyone in this world.I don't know what to do. The reason is that, in the capitalism world,there always conspiracy in work like the strategies that the company in marketing the products that is totally secret; the negotiations on business; the management of the company; the ingredient of a product that make it work better compare against the compatitor; then stepping on other people toes for their own survival and etc.
From here, we can see that egoness, pride, selfishness, wickedness of human mind to knock down competitor for the survival of the company product in the market and this happen even among employees where they fight for the own survival in term of higher pay, position in the company and they only believe in money that can speak! (Materialistic)
This lead to fear of losing job in the company when new employee is recruited that will treaten the current position of the employee in the company. There is no peace in the work field. Everyone working so hard day and night just to get things done faster and more efficient in order to stay put in the company.The situations getting even worst when those people have family which need more and more materials stuff. Where is the time to pray since the time all gone into the company that he/she been working own it. We are not only compete among ourself in the company but also with other companys. We are globalized. Everyone fighting for one over another. Is our quality of life getting better? The moral value decrease termendously!
How can we live in the world like this? How can we share something with someone else if we always have secret among ourself? We don't open our heart to other? How can we make a living since this is how the coporate people work? There won't be any friendship going own but only business and money that talk!
In what field that everyone can be trully yourself? How can we get out of this mess? Through prayers? If so what prayers neccessary? Anythings needed besides that? Where can I find a job that give me peace in life and that will secure to our family?
This means there is no free lunch in life! Food and neccesities became more and more expensive everyday!
Everything here is base on cost and profit. When there is no profit, then there won't be any things to buy. How can this applicable in what the Lord teaching about Don't worry in what you eat and drink in order to stay alive, Life is much more important than that as Jesus Christ said. Therefore, how can this applicable since the world is changing the other way round?
How can I or we as a Catholic can help since we also get attached to that system and where can I find love, sharing, compassionate, peace in life? Please give me the answer not just for me but for each and everyone of us.
Please help. Amen.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 15, 2000 Dear Mr. Richard:
What you are describing is called: a fallen and sinful world. That is the way the world has been since the Fall of Adam and that is the way the world will remain until the Second Coming. It is called LIFE.
God calls us out of the sinful world to live counter-culturally (that is, in a way contrary to the way the world normally does things). We do this in faith and trust in God.
You stated: How can this applicable in what the Lord teaching about 'Don't worry in what you eat and drink in order to stay alive...'
This message from the Sermon on the Mount tells us to not worry about the world, to not worry about the Life, but to trust God. That is what you must do.
It does not matter what the world's problems are. It does not matter whether you are paid enough money at your job. It does not matter if your job is enjoyable or not. All that is just LIFE. Get over it.
What matters is faith and trust in God. If we place our faith and trust in God, He will be faithful to be with us and to secure our needs. God is not a liar. Trust in HIM and in Him alone.
Your story reminds me of the story of St. Peter. The Apostles were out in the boat on stormy seas. They see Jesus walking out on the water toward them. They were afraid and St. Peter said, Lord, if that is really you, let me come out on the water with you. Incredibly Jesus beckoned St. Peter to join him walking on the water.
St. Peter got out of the boat and ACTUALLY WALKED ON WATER!!!!
Peter, a mere human being, was walking on water. Amazing!!!
Then, St. Peter noticed the storm all around him just as you have noticed the storm all around you. All the things you have mentioned are the storm that swells around all of us.
When St. Peter took his eyes off Jesus and noticed the storm he began to sink in the water.
That is our lesson. Do not focus on the problems of the world and all the storms around us. Focus solely on Jesus Christ and in faith and trust in Him, He will see to it that you have all that you need according to His will.
One other note. You stated: Where is the time to pray since the time all gone into the company that he/she been working own it.
This is a FALSE idea. There is NO excuse for not praying and there are NO situations in which you cannot find time to pray. None.
You can pray while answering the call of nature in the bathroom, or when taking a shower, getting dressed in the morning, during the lunch hour, in between meetings even it is only for 30 seconds, driving in the car, etc. There is ALWAYS time to pray in some manner. ALWAYS.
But the bottom line to my answer to your question is: Stop looking at the storms and look only upon Jesus.
God Bless.
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