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use of aborted fetuses tissue in implantable chips for spinal cord injured patients QUESTION from Nancy A. McWILLIE March 2, 2000 I am a contracts and grants coordinator.if I PREPARE a budget which will go into this proposal would my involvement in the budget be also aiding and abetting? human tissue is necessary to make the chip work.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on Friday, March 10, 2000 Dear Miss McWILLIE:
This is one of those personal conscience questions.
I cannot decide for you, but I can tell you want I would do in your place and why.
We have to look at how much involvment is required in the issue. You say you are a contracts and grants coordinator. That would mean that the project cannot be accomplished unless the grants and/or contracts are procured.
In my mind this is a direct facilitation of the project.
I would decline to participate.
In my worklife I have done just this. I use to work for Kinko's Copy Center. Planned Parenthood was one of the clients.
I worked night shifts and sometimes Planned Parenthood would come in at 3am to have a workshop manual copied for a morning workshop.
I refused to do ANY work on Planned Parenthood. I told the manager that me working on Planned Parenthood material would be no different than a Jew working on materials for Hitler. I could not and would not do it. It was abhorant to me.
I was threatend with dismissal. I reply, I'd rather be fired by Kinko's than fired by God.
I never did work on Planned Parenthood materials, and I was never fired -- but I was passed over for promotions and given lower pay raises than I deserved and other discrimination as a result of my moral stance on this and other matters.
Is what I am doing helping, facilitating, or promoting something evil? That is the question. For me, working on Planned Paranthood materials was helping them conduct business. Thus I refused to work on their stuff.
This is what I would do.
What you will do is up to your conscience.
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