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Denying Christ QUESTION from Janis Moore February 16, 2000 I recently went on a job interview. I'm in Mormon country so I hid my crucifix necklace inside my clothing so I wouldn't be descriminated against for the job. This happens alot here in Salt Lake City. I got to thinking, did I deny Christ by hiding my holy reminder? I feel awful about this now.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 22, 2000 Dear Mrs. Moore:
These are one of those questions that only you can answer for yourself. This is a tough kind of situation especially if one MUST have a job.
But let me tell you a story....
A man was out of work and looking for a job. He had a wife and 5 kids at home and money was running out and the kids needed shoes for school, etc., etc., etc.
The man applied for hundreds of jobs but NEVER got an interview at any of them.
Frustrated, he tried to figure out why he wasn't getting any interviews. As he looked down at the job application he was filling out he thought he had the answer.
As a Christian he believed that he should always tell the truth. Thus he had been telling the truth on his job applications.
You see, many years ago he made one single mistake. It cost him a felony conviction. On the job applications was was answering yes to the question about felony convictions.
He suspected that this could be the reason, so as he stared down on the application me made a decision.
The job started at $6.50 per hour. It was a convenience store. It was a rotten job and not in his area of expertise, but his family needed the money BADLY.
He grit his teeth and marked NO on the question about the felony conviction.
He handed in the application expecting not to be called for an interniew like the hundred time before this.
The next day he was called in for an interview, the boss was impressed and he was hired.
He didn't make much, but his children had shoes for school.
Question: Was he right to lie? After all when he told the truth he got no where. He lied just this once adn got the job and his kids got shoes. Was he right to lie?
As Paul Harvey might for the rest of the story.
Unbeknownst to him, the business right next door to the convenience store had a compassionate boss who was looking for ex-con's to give them a second chance. The staring wage was $25,000.
God had brought this man through a trail of disappointment of a hundred applications so that he would be turned down at the convenience store and then walk over to the business next door and find a job that he would love for a much greater salary than $6.50 per hour.
But the faith of the man wavored. He missed out on the great gift God had waiting for him 50 feet away.
Should you hide your cross? Only you can decide that.
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