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Annulments QUESTION from Karon Calhoun February 16, 2000 I am an annulment case sponsor at my parrish, St. George catholic church Newnan Ga. I have a question just posed to me. Is there any where in cannon law that states that an RCIA candiate cannot come into the church if he is living a single life if he has been married and divorced but does not plan to marry again? We cannot get a stright answer on this question.
God Bless
Karon Calhoun
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 22, 2000 Dear Mrs. Calhoun:
Although divorce is a sin, it is a singular act that is wiped away at confession. Re-marriage on the other hand is a continuing act of sin, unless the couple live as brother and sister.
But if not re-married, there is no sin constand sin.
There is thus no requirement or need for an annulment if the man has no plans to marry again or be a priest or religious.
I would still advise applying for the annulment just so it is out of the way. Who knows, he might want to get married someday, or he might want to become a deacon, a priest, or a religious.
But as far as coming into the Church, if he is not re-married now and not re-married at the time of confirmation he is completely free to enter the church and to take communion.
The Church may still consider him married, but as long as he doesn't re-marry, he is not sinning.
Thus he may enjoy the FULL fruits of the Catholic Sacramental life once he is confirmed.
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