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Brown Scapular QUESTION from Michelle April 7, 1999 Does a person have to be enrolled in the Brown Scapular society in order to receive the promises of the Brown Scapular? Is it enough to wear the scapular and beleive in its promises? Thank you for your response.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on April 11, 1999 Dear Michelle:
One of course can wear the Brown Scapular without investiture and receive much grace from your devotion.
To receive the graces given to the Confraternity by Mary, God and the Church, however, one must be a Confraternity Member. The Sabbatine Privilege belongs to Confraternity members.
To be invested in the Brown Scapular is VERY easy.
Any priest can say the following words and you are in:
Receive this Scapular, a sign of your special relationship with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Whom you pledge to imitate. By the Scapular, you enter the spiritual family of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. Wear it worthily so that, with the help of the Virgin Mary, you may be clothed with Christ Jesus and you may show Him to be alive in you for the spiritual benefit of the Catholic Church and of all humanity. Amen. This is the short form authorized by the Carmelite Order.
Here is a link to this formula (and to other info on the Brown Scapular:
There is some addition information that is not in the summary at the URL above. I will be putting together an info page on the Brown Scapular soon.
God Bless.
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