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Holy Water QUESTION from Debbie Kelly February 11, 1999 I just read an answer you gave on 1/9/99 concerning placing drops of holy water in another container with regular water, thus extending your supply when needed. Can you tell me how many drops to what size container? Can you put 2 drops of holy water to a gallon of regular water, or what ratio is correct?
Also, what do you mean by 'when needed'? I get spring water from a nearby spring. I don't believe my priest will bless 20 gallons of this water for me, & even if he would, I don't want to bother him every month or so. I would like to use holy water for coffee, tea, just to drink. I have a quart of holy water that I got from the supply in the back of church. Can I use a few drops to every gallon of water, or can I do this if it's absolutely necessary?
What consttutes 'when needed'?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on February 18, 1999 Dear Debbie:
Thanks for your question, and forgive me for the delay in answering.
There is no formula for this that I am aware of. A single drop of water that has been blessed, blesses all that it touches. But I would have to check on this.
The when needed means when Holy Water is needed for a purpose and you are not able to get to the parish to get a supply or properly blessed water, or have a priest available to bless the water for you. In other words, this drop in the bucket is an EXTRAordinary and temporary solution to an immediate need and should never be an ordinary practice.
As to the priest blessing 20 gallons of water, why not? I see no reason why he shouldn’t unless he feels that the Holy Water is being used for improper purposes or for superstitious purposes.
But as to using Holy Water for ordinary purposes such as drinking water I would discourage. Holy Water is blessed and set aside for a special purpose. To ordinary-ize it seems to me to be using it with a misplaced devotion. As with all sacred things, they should not be used for ordinary purposes. If we begin to use the sacramentals for just any ordinary purpose, it seems to me that it loses its sacred nature and risks forming superstitious attitudes about that sacramental.
This is just my opinion. I will double-check on this, however, with a priest advisor.
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