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Patron Saints QUESTION from Jean October 20, 1998 My name is Jean. Could you please tell me what Saint I am named for? ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on October 21, 1998
Dear Jean:
The feminine give name of Jean is Scottish derived from the Old French Jehane meaning Joan, the feminine form of John. [By the way, the masculine given name of Jean is French form of John].
So, being named Jean, your name is actually Joan (feminine for John).
There are mean saints you may be named after -- the above being the case. The most famous of the Joans would probably by Joan of Arc.
But it is also possible to choose one of the males saints named John since Joan is the feminine version of John.
You have many to choose from. I would find a Dictionary of Saints and read up on the various Saint Joans and Saint Johns and find one that seems to speak to you. When you find someone that seems to speak to you, adopt them as your patron saint.
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