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Spanish 1-volume Liturgia de las Horas QUESTION from Frank Kulash on February 13, 2003 You may want to relay this information to Ariel Alvarez, who wrote on January 23 asking about Spanish translation of hymns.
The one-volume Liturgy of the Hours used in much of Latin America (including Mexico) is called Liturgia de las Horas del Pueblo, published in Mexico by Editorial Alba, Calle Alba 1914, S. Pedrito, Tiasqupaque, Jal. The corresponding book used in Spain is called Diurnal (cover) or Liturgia de las Horas Diurnal (title page), printed by Credograf SA, Ripollet, Barcelona; ISBN 84-7129-288-2.
These two books use different hymns; the only similarities I've noticed between the hymns in either of these books and those in the American Liturgy of the Hours are a few translations from Latin, such as the Compline anthems to the Blessed Virgen.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 16, 2003 Dear Mr. Kulash:
Thanks so much for the information.
God Bless.
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