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Hymnals QUESTION from Gerard Paul on January 8, 2003 Dear Bro. Ignatius,
I like singing the few hymns I know but as for the rest I don't know the tunes to, I recite. However over the past months of daily praying the Office I find myself wishing I knew those hymns.
I know of at least two hymnals available online (none where I come from), the Adoremus Hymnal (Adoremus) and Catholic Community Hymnal (GIA music). Do these hymnals' pew editions contain sheet music for the hymns in the breviary? Or if not, is it permitted to substitute a similar hymn from those hymnals that expresses the same spirit as those indicated in the Breviary?
I am actually using Catholic Book Publishing's Shorter Christian Prayer, in addition to the 4-volume 1975 edition, neither of which contain sheet music for the hymns. The only other edition available here is the Daughters of St. Paul edition, which also contains no sheet music.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 15, 2003 Dear Mr. Paul:
Coincidentally, the question just previous to your was asking about sheet music.
See Printed/recorded music for the Hours for info on where to get the sheet music.
God Bless.
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