Divine Office Forum: Dec 12 for Our lady of Guadalupe

Dec 12 for Our lady of Guadalupe QUESTION from Mrs. Frank Lee on December 10, 2002 Dear Brother Ignatius:
My Vol. 1 of my 4-volume breviary does not have anything but a concluding prayer in the back on page 1688 for this new feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but my 2002 Guide for the Liturgy of the hours 4-volume says to use the readings on page 34. There are no such readings on page 34 in my book. Can you give me any information on what I should be praying for Dec.12, other than the Common of the Blessed Virgin? What are the readings for the Office of Readings on page 33 and 34? Do you know of a website where I can find them?
Thank you very much much. You are in my prayers.
Sincerely, Mrs. Frank Lee
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 20, 2002 Dear Mrs. Lee:
When you purchased your 4 vol set it should have included a Supplement. The Supplement contains new feasts and memorials approved since the publication of the currently printed Breviary.
In this supplement there is an entire Office for Our Lady of Guadalupe.
If you do not have this Supplement, your local Catholic bookstore should be able to order it or you may contact the Catholic Book Publishing Co. who publishes the 4 vol set and the Supplement.
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