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Use of Magnificat as a version QUESTION from Jane A on November 19, 2002 Please comment on the use of the monthly magazine Magnificat as a substitute for Christian Prayer, Shorter Christian Prayer, or the 4-volume set. Would your answer vary for the following three categories? -- (a)Priests and Religious; (2)members of Third Orders (such as Carmelite, Dominican, Franciscan, etc.); and (3)laity who have taken no promises or vows.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 20, 2002 Dear Jane:
Magnificat is a great devotional magazine. I have a subscription myself.
But the abbreviated and altered form of the Liturgy of the Hours cannot replace the actual Liturgy of the Hours. Magnificat is fine as a way to participate in the spirit of the Liturgy of the Hours.
But if one can learn how to do the actual Office I would recommend that since to be involved in liturgy requires doing it according to liturgical law.
Priest and religious who are required to pray the Office cannot use Magnificat to satisfy their obligation.
Laity are not required to pray the Office but are HIGHLY recommended to do so. If laity are not able to pray some portion of the actual Office, then these devotional alternatives are a fine way to pray in the spirit of the Office.
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