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St Martin of Tours QUESTION from Dave R. on November 12, 2002 Any thoughts as to why an memorial of St. Martin of Tours uses the Common of Pastors as its basic form and includes proper antiphons for all 3 psalms in Lauds and Vespers? Usually memorials use the basic format of the weekly Psalter, while Feasts and Solemnities use the Common, correct? Could it be that he was one of the more popular saints at some time in history?
Just curious, Dave R.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 18, 2002 Dear Dave:
The Commons are used with Obligatory and Option Memorials and with Feasts and Solemnities as appropriate to the particular feast.
The Proper of Saints provides specific form for the saints on the Roman Calendar. Then the commons are designed to provide a common prayer that reflects what the Saint was, such as Martyr, Pastor, Doctor, Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Men, Holy Women, Virgin, etc., as is appropriate for the saint in question.
Thus, since St. Martin was a bishop the Common of Pastors is used.
God Bless
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