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Translations QUESTION from Tim Clark on August 13, 2002 This is not really a question but a response. The author of the QUESTION from Jones on August 5, 2002 made reference to British translations and wanted to know if they would be more satisfying? He also asked Are they based on the RSV-CE?.
Based on this I am assuming his question was in reguards to the Psalms and Canticles. He might want to know that the British Editions of LOTH, as well as ALL other English versions, use the Grail translation of the psalms. ICEL had nothing to do with the translation of the psalms, canticles or biblical readings in any version of the LOTH, just the prayers. I belive the readings and canticles in the British Edition are mostly from the RSV, but the Psalms are always the same, the Grail.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 24, 2002 Dear Mr. Clark:
Thanks for the info.
A reminder though. If one is a British citizen then the British edition may be used. If not, then the translation for the country that one belongs to must be used.
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