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valid orders QUESTION from joesep sullivan on March 17, 2002 I have been told by someone, that the Church has changed the formula for priestly ordination in 1969..... Could you tell Me why? He also said thatif that is so, they may run into the same problem, as the Anglicans...
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on March 27, 2002 Dear Mr. Sullivan:
This is not a question on the Divine Office, but I will go ahead an answer it this one time.
I believe the Rite of Ordination was revised in the late sixties, but this has NOTHING to do with being in danger of not being valid. As long as there is the laying on of hands by a validly ordained bishop doing what the Church intends in ordination, the ordination is valid. Rubrics can change anytime.
The Rite is fully valid.
The reason the Anglicans do not have valid Orders has mostly to do with bishops being consecrated by invalid bishops.
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