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Shorter Christian Prayer QUESTION from John M. Bastin on November 12, 2001 Hello, I am new to your website. I am curious to know if you can provide a map through the morning and evening prayer offices for someone who is new to them. My wife and I have new copies and we are just a little bit confused as to how to use them.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 21, 2002 Dear Mr. Bastin:
Sorry to take so long to respond. The move to our new server took longer than anticipated and was more complicated than we thought, and I have been ill lately.
Anyway, I am in the process of writing a Course on How to Say the Divine Office. It has been promised for a long time, but I hope to get it done shortly.
In addition, we have a voice chatroom on our website in which I will be doing some of the Divine Office.
Be patient, an instruction course is coming.
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