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Psalms QUESTION from Don Claunch SFO August 18, 2000 This question does not strictly concern the Liturgy of the hours, so I apologize if this is off topic. My question is, do you know where a copy of the psalms in the same translation as that used in the Liturgy of the Hours can be obtained? The translation used is different than that found in the New American Bible or other Catholic bible translations and I would really like to get a book of the psalms only, without the other parts of the Liturgy included. Thanks for your help.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on September 7, 2000 Dear Mr. Claunch:
The Psalms (except Psalm 95) come from The Grail edition (1963), published by Collins Publishers in London, England
I imagine this is an out-of-print edition.
If you are only wanting the Psalms then you would not be formally saying the Office and thus you would be free to use some other translation.
I believe there are several books that contain the Psalms only, but it is not likely to be the same translation as in the Divine Office books.
There is one Psalter that I know of at the top of my head, the Companion to the Breviary : A Four-Week Psalter With Intercessions by Carmelites of Indianapolis Stff. You might look at that and see if it is the same translation as in the main books.
God Bless.
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