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getting started QUESTION from John Culp June 1, 2000 Dear Father:
Thank you for your column here on the web. I saw the getting stated question. While my brother uses the more official (priestly) daily office, I have found at present a wonderful aid in the little office put out called, MAGNIFICAT, from Spencerville MD.
Their web site is:
Perhaps you could view the site and offer your comments, or obtain a free copy as offered.
The National Catholic Bishops of USA approve of it and it is published with ecclesiastical permission.
Peace John
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on June 8, 2000 Dear Mr. Culp:
I am happy that our Q & A Forums have been a help to you. Thanks for the compliment. By the way, just Brother. I am not ordained.
The URL you gave does not appear to publish a Little Office. I appears to be a brochure for a magazine called the Magnificat
There are Little Offices, but frankly I recommend the REAL THING. (clue, I drink coca cola which is the REAL THING, eat only REAL butter, and run Chatroom call REAL CATHOLIC CHAT, and am a webmaster for a website for REAL Catholics, so I am partial to the REAL stuff :-)
I know that the full Office can be intimidating, but I will solve that problem when I complete the How To Course on the Divine Office later this summer.
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