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Translations QUESTION from Bro. Zechariah Hyacinth March 2, 2001 We use specially printed Psalters to chant the psalms, based on the 4 volume set, but inclusive language adjusted. Is this licit? I have heard that it is based on a new inclusive language Grail translation, published in 1983. Have you heard of this.
If it is not licit, please give me a citation. Also, sometimes we use a different translation than the Grail of the invititory psalm.
Also, I am looking for the texts of the Latin originals of some of the hymns used in the Liturgy of the Hours. Do you know a good source?
Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 10, 2001 Dear Bro.:
Unfortunately there are many monasteries that do this. It is not licit to my knowledge. Religious Orders do have antonomy in many areas, but I don't think messing with the liturgy is one of them.
As to citation disallowing any particular version, that is the wrong question. The Church cannot possibly keep up with every book and every version that might be published to make a negative decision upon them.
The question is, If this translation on the APPROVED LIST? If it is not on the approved list, then it is NOT approved. What translation is used is solely the authority of the Holy See. No one, not even a priest or bishop, can approve other translations on their own authority.
The approved translation in English for the Liturgy of the Hours is what is listed in the 4 vol set -- the 1975 ICEL edition with the 1970 Confraternity edition Biblical Readings and Canticles, and Psalm 95 from 1963 Grail Edition, etc.
As for a Latin Edition of the currently approved Liturgy of the Hours, I can't help you right now. I would like to find a copy of that myself.
As for hymns, I presume you mean sheet music to the hymns. The one volume set of the Office, called Christian Prayer, by the Catholic Book Publishing Co does contain a hymnbook of the hymns with sheet music -- though various monasteries might sometimes use slightly different melodies, which is okay.
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