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What do I do with the booklet and the psalms QUESTION from Roy Reeder February 4, 2000 I understand that with the booklet is where the various readings are shown, but How to start is my stumbling block. What is the correct starting progression.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 7, 2000 Dear Mr. Reeder:
I think you are talking about the Supplement. Mine is a red cover.
This is a booklet containing additional Feast Days that are not in the big books. These are Feast Days observed in the Dioceses of the United States.
If you are using the Guide you will notice that sometimes a Feast Day is marked with new. That refers to once of these feast days in the Supplement (these would normally be in the Proper of Saints). These apply only to the United States. I presume that other countries may have their own Supplements for Feast Days that are particular to their country.
If you don't use the Guide, then keep on the date and the Supplement, since these feast days are not in the Proper of Saints in the big book.
If you want you can also find out what feast days are assigned in particular to your diocese. The diocese has its own Ordo. Then you can celebrate whatever special days the diocese has too.
The slip of paper with psalms on it on portion of text that are commonly used. They are given to you on slips of paper so you don't have to flip through the book.
For example, alternative prayers for the Invitatory, if said, are given to you. Also the common introductory prayers and closing prayers are given. Since these rather change and are not usually written in the text of the book, these cheat sheets give you ready access to the needed texts.
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