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Followup: Errata Re: Reformation FOLLOWUP ANSWER by Mrs. Suzanne Fortin on September 22, 1999
Dear Reader:
I would just like to clarfiy a few matters concerning a recent answer I gave concerning the Reformation...
* The executions of Anabaptists took place when the Netherlands was under a Spanish Regime, not after its independence. The Netherlands was actually a tolerant country for sixteenth century Europe, as long as you weren't Catholic. The government granted freedom of worship to Anabaptists in 1577-1578, but it wasn't due to the Dutch Reformed Church (the Calvinists were fervently anti-Anabaptist).
This does not mean that there are no examples of Dutch Protestant violence against other sects. The Church comemorates on July 9th the martyrs of Gorkum, 19 monks and priests who were killed because they refused to renounce the faith in 1572. Their killers were Protestant guerillas fighting a war of independence against their Spanish overlords.
* Another point: the town of Munster was overtaken by Anabaptists in 1535 NOT 1525. However, in 1525, the Anabaptists were involved in the Peasants' War in Germany.
I apologize for any inconvenience.
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